Thursday, July 19, 2007

ASCP Setup for Oracle Apps 11i

This is my first post on a topic related to Oracle Applications. As I have just completed a project on ASCP, will try to share best of my knowledge. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.

ASCP : Advance Supply Chain Planning

ASCP implementation can be performed on a single node or on multiple nodes as desired. Here I'll be talking about a multiple node installation wherein I have :

1. Linux Server running 11i Database : DB Tier
2. Linux Server running 11i apps services : Apps Tier
3. Solaris Server running ASCP Managers

Steps involved :
  • To start with perform a 11i multi-node install for Oracle Applications 11i with Apps Tier on one node and DB Tier on another.
  • Copy appl_top and common_top from Linux MT to Solaris MT.
  • Generate the manifest file on existing Linux MT :

1. Run adadmin
2. Maintain Snapshot
3. Update current view snapshot
4. Generate the manifest file by running :

$ perl $AD_TOP/bin/

  • Download the manifest file from $APPL_TOP/admin/$TWO_TASK/out/adgenpsf.txt on Linux MT onto your local machine. Go to and follow the instructions on the screen to upload the manifest file just downloaded.
  • Clone the existing XML file to new XML for Solaris server. Run following commands :

$ cd /bin
$ perl migrate java= contextfile=/admin/

  • Install 806 and iAS tech stack on Solaris server using Rapidwiz. Provide the above created XML file to rapidwiz for installation

$ ./rapidwiz –techstack

  • Run autoconfig to generate environment files

$ ./ run=INSTE8_SETUP contextfile=

  • Apply the patch generated by manifest file uploaded to metalink to relink all APPS executables to Solaris platform. For applying the patch, user adpatch that comes with migration patch.
  • Run adadmin to regenerate messages, forms, reports, graphics and jar files